BFriendly is an Essex based musician singer/songwriter influenced heavily by Jamaican/Rastafarian reggae music.

'I grew up with the sounds of Desmond Dekker and Bob Marley and my parents even had some of the original reggae music on 78rpm records,'says B whose first name incidentally is Brian.

His environmental and Bee protection song Bee Friendly is released this summer along with a video shortly after. He is also completing work on an album for release later in 2021.

When it comes to songwriting B is prolific.

'I write songs about anything and everything' he says 'but they usually relate to my life in some way.'

This is a very exciting time for Brian even tho so much bad is with the world at the moment.

'Gigs have been cancelled for the time being but I will be rolling out the battle bus on line in the coming weeks. Im hoping to get you excited with my music and style.'

Brian intends for a short interview and more promo material to be available on line in the run up to his single release.