with BFriendly

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So yeah lockdown right

it really don't get you down

if yer jus stay on top of the game

yeah I know it not so pleasant if yer working on the frontline of this virus or whatever.

I wanna sing it for da nurses the police and all the people who lost someone.

but yer know we still gotta get up everyday and make da best of what we got. Give it that bit extra and were all gonna come through together brothers and sisters.

Stay Calm Stay Safe and Stay Sane!


BFriendly is pleased to announce that his debut single'The Sunny Day Song' will be released in May 2021'

'Man I'm really looking forward to getting this song out there. It's so full of positive energy it is almost bursting!

Be great if I could chart on my debut release but hey there's work to be done first.'

In the meantime

Stay safe dudes and dudesses.

Hey its March already!

Hope all is well with you!

Quick update.

I will be releasing a new single 'The Sunny Day Song' this May'. My album 'BFriendly will be out in the late spring so keep in touch. My time is currently absorbed with recording a new album which is expected out early 2022. There is also talk of some live gigs this summer if Covid permits.

In the meantime, whatever you do, stay safe!