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Spot the difference? Apart from fluctuations in colour what is the obvious difference? Ian's passion for painting is equalled by his passion for painting Cornwall.

Any ideas where this is?

ANSWER: Bedruthan Steps in North Cornwall.

Aside from his extensive music works Ian occasionally finds time for another passion. Art.
Here you can find some of his finest works. 

I     D    H
I.    D.    H

Most paintings start off with a rough sketch but as we know a sketch is an entity in it's own right. Right: We see Ian's abilities with the art of technical drawing. 'When I first saw the royal crescent at Bath I was in awe of its beauty I just wanted to get home and sketch those curves!'

I     D    H

Below: Two iconic views of England's grand designs. Three bridges at Saltash. The gateway to Cornwall. Right to Left: The road bridge built in 1961. The rail bridge built by Brunel in 1859 and a train bridge to the left.

'I love this place so I wanted to sketch it. Thing is you wouldn't normally see these three bridges so close together but with a bit of condensing I managed to fit them in!'

Right: Somewhere in London...

I     D     H
I      D     H

Below: 'Something I love about Cornwall is its wild and rugged coastline. Couple that with a raging sea and you get this painting of Crown mine Botallack in West Cornwall. A low winter sun casts its orange light on the wheel houses that feature so much in Cornish heritage.'

I      D      H
I.      D      H
I      D     H

Above: 'I am a big fan of Norwich. The city that is, not the football team. I started this sketch then realised I wasn't going to fit the spire in. Does it really matter. Na!'

I      D      H
I      D      H

Above: Two stages of painting the beautiful St Germans viaduct in South East Cornwall. I wanted to commemorate the last time a steam train crossed the viaduct on 3rd May 1964.The hill in the distance is Kit Hill which I have walked up many times. For the purpose of the painting I have brought it a little closer.

I      D      H

Below are two of my favourite places in Cornwall both at opposite ends of the county. Left: The evening light fades over Rame Head in South East Cornwall. Right: The headland Pen Kernow also known as Cape Cornwall in the South West. 

I       D       H
I    D   H

This is probably my favourite painting. It features as the artwork to my (Ian Haywood's) ambient piano album 'The Beautiful Dream'.

This picture of the Cuckmere river in East Sussex was inspired one autumn evening when travelling by bus on the Eastbourne road. The sun had set and the sky was a deep red and orange. The river reflected this and the whole scene was surreal. Once again it is painted from memory.

Somebody once asked how much I would sell the original for and I replied. Have you got £100,000? 

Apart from Cornwall I am a lover of the whole of the West of England and the Westbury white horse in Wiltshire is somewhere I have visited on a number of occasions. I found myself painting this from memory so I doubt it is 100% accurate. Afterwards I noticed that I had inadvertently painted 2 horses in this picture. Can you spot the other?

I      D      H
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