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Piano Relaxation

Ian Haywood is a specialist in piano relaxation and meditation music. He has a diploma in relaxation and has practised and studied relaxation through music for many years.

His new album 'Thoughts, Dreams and Mindstreams' is a masterful product of the work Ian has done in this genre of music. He says:

'As a regular practitioner of meditation myself I have tried this album out and I can say it really does take you out of this world, totally relaxing and calming the mind from whatever stress or turmoil you may be experiencing in your life.'

But don't just take his word for it!

'This album is a mindful musical journey to relax, meditate or drift away with - mesmerisingly brilliant!'

'Music to inspire your creativity'

Chris Cozens (Life Arts founder and event organiser) 


A great album to get lost in!


Luke Bredin (CEO Oakfield Records)

CDs available £12.99

'One of my first experiences of meditation was 'losing myself' on a clifftop in Botallack, Cornwall. The land, sea and sky all seemed to merge as one with myself and from that moment of total calmness I embraced a new vision. I have since spoken to others who have shared similar experiences. 

Now, through the medium of music, I want to help people cope with the stresses of life. Its important for health that, at least every now and then, we are able to remove ourselves and become a pool of calm in an ever demanding world.'

Ian's next album project will be inspired by that Cornish experience.

'Thoughts, Dreams and Mindstreams' available to download £9.99

CD £12.99 including free postage and packing

Sample the new album here!


Music creation is a journey. A musical instrument is the vehicle we travel on.
I strive to compose the most relaxing piano music and give the listener that ultimate and unique musical experience!

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