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A Crack In The Ice (Track 1)

A Crack In The Ice is the 1st track on my 3rd album, Thoughts, Dreams and Mindstreams.

It opens in C minor. A minor key being a great key to open a relaxation album with. I wanted to clear the mind for relaxation and meditation so played around with this melody for a while before deciding it did not need to go anywhere. In order to focus the mind repetitiveness is the key. Repetitiveness of a soft piano phrase should undoubtedly, after a while start to relax the listener. When you have the undivided attention of the listener you can then start to build the piece around the riff. As the piece moves on it becomes all encompassing and I get the feeling this track is moving from cold towards warm. By the end of it you are ready for the second track which I will tell you about in next weeks blog.

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