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Ambitions and achievements

So here we are in the thick of the pandemic with cases rising again.

I hope you are keeping well in the current crisis. My mum is 87 but still seems in good spirits through it all.

My band Peace on Your Plate recently released Ask Me Why which was written by me and was the follow up to our 2019 top 50 UK Christmas hit. We did not chart on this occasion but I am hoping for some good sales to bolster the coffers of Animal Aid, our designated charity.

During the easing of lockdown restrictions in the summer I have been out filming video clips with BFriendly for his single to be released next spring, 'The Sunny Day Song.' I have also written all the tracks on his album which will also be released early next year. With my lifelong attachment to reggae music this has been a great fun project to be involved in and I am looking forward to helping out with the next album!

I have now completed the writing and mixing of my album 'Thoughts, Dreams and Mindstreams.'

It is now being mastered for release in the new year. 4 years in the making, I can guarantee this will be the best piano relaxation/meditation album you will ever hear!

I have tried it out this year sat in my garden in the summer. It takes you between the states of relaxation and meditation perfectly. Just close your eyes and the music does the rest! Please keep a look out for this I should have a release date before Christmas.

This is a different style of piano music release to 'The Beautiful Dream' album released in January 2020.

So as we start to look at the back end of 2020 and hope for better things in 21, I am looking to my next project 'Cornwall.'

Ill tell you more in the next blog!

Take care. Stay safe.

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