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Happy New Year 2020!

Let me start by wishing you a happy new year!

I shall use this blog to highlight all my musical intentions for this year 2020.

Firstly, I have been recording and touring over the last few months with the band Peace on Your Plate. I am sure that after scoring our first chart hit 

at Xmas 2019 we will continue to work together in the new year playing our brand of folk/pop/rock at events and festivals around the UK. Watch this space?

On the 10th of January my instrumental album Beautiful Dream will be released on all major streaming and download sites.

This album was originally released back in 2014 on CD only but has now been given a makeover with some tracks changed and all tracks remastered. This is a lovely mixture of piano and folk music with a number of the tracks featuring orchestrations.

I am currently working on an album of meditation/relaxation music which I hope to release later this year.

My release of 3 years ago 'City Story' will be once more released Xmas 2020 this time with an amazing animation. Its a long way off so ill keep you posted as things develop. All this and a song about Bees will be released in the spring.

I will strive to update this blog with news and developments every couple of months and I will keep you up to date with upcoming gigs and events.

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