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Life in Lockdown

These are hard times we are living through but I, along with many musicians, have found it a creative time with a chance to catch up on those unfinished songs and recordings.

I have recently created the Musicians in Isolation facebook group which now has 60 members both musicians and listeners alike.

I was given the 'nominate 10 albums' challenge on FB and played and sung a song from each album and posted it on the group page.

I released (to Youtube) my new song and video The Right Train which has had some great reviews. You can find this available here. https://bit.ly2SZz1Hd

I have continued to work with reggae artist BFriendly on his debut album BeFriendly. The artist's first single will be Bee Friendly which is a very catchy number written in aid of, you guessed it, Bees. I'm not sure exactly when this will be released as a video will need to be made and with lockdown it is difficult to get out and find some Bees. We have tried planting more flowers in the garden but so far they have been a bit shy! As soon as they start playing ball or we can get out to see them we will start a video and get the release back on track. Take a look at the BFriendly page.

The main matter of the moment is chart band Peace on your Plate's release of my song Ask Me Why. This is my answer to being asked why I am vegan and we are hoping for big things with this one! All profits from sales or streams will be going to Animal Aid.

I recently wrote and released a single for the charity Miracle's Mission helping abandoned animals worldwide. Take a listen on

That's just about it for the time being. Next time I blog I hope we will be out of this a little more and can return to some kind of normality soon.

If you want to hear some relaxing piano/instrumental music then check out my album Beautiful Dream released in January this year.

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