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Updated: May 24, 2020

I am happy to announce the impending release of my new single, Summertime Please Yourself.

Following up on my recent successes of City Story and Beautiful Wild, this song was penned by myself in the mid-1990s but was unreleased and left on a cassette tape until recently found.

I was looking for an idea on a summer theme this year, after City Story which has a winter theme. It was then that I started looking through my back catalogue and found S.P.Y. hidden away in a drawer gathering dust.

Originally called In the Summertime (Mungo Jerry had a no 1 with this title in the 70s), I thought my original could do with a makeover so I took to the studio earlier this year to start work on it.

Amongst the improvements from the original are a great funky Nile Rodgers style guitar track played by Adam at the studio, a modified catchy bass riff and additional drums played by myself. On hearing the completed backing track I was pleased that it had a lively ‘band’ feel to it along with the uplift to go with the theme. So thanks to Josh (recording engineer) at Peace Productions and Luke (producer) at Oakfield Records for their great work on this project.

Ironically when I was recording the vocals it was like a fridge in the vocal booth! At the same time I was trying to create a ‘summery’ feel to the song. Likewise when we went to do the artwork on Clacton beach it was cold and cloudy. Still through it all we have the ultimately ‘summery’ sound of the newly titled Summertime Please Yourself.

Just in time for Summer!

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